Work covered this week

Literacy: we have been acting out traditional tales with a twist. Titles such as The Gentle Giant and Jealous Jack and The boy Who Wanted Everything, have been very entertaining.  The children should know how to identify a traditional tale and be able to talk about some of the features. Early next week the children will be working in pairs to write an introduction to a fairy tale with a twist. By the end of the week each couple will have written a whole story.

We have also been looking at verbs to use instead of boring old said - whispered, screamed, yelled. Walked - stomped, tip toed, galloped.

Spellings: next Friday the children will be tested on the spelling list they took home to see if they are ready to move on.

Numeracy: we have been looking at the language of subtraction - minus, take away. decrease, the difference between.

We have been subtracting using number lines (money). You are welcome to pop in and look at your child's number book. we will continue with subtraction next week.

Science: Ask your child what is happening to the plant in my cupboard and why?

Geography: Do you know some of the difference between schols in Kenya and our schoool? What are the children in Kenya doing when we are having lunch? (time difference). Ask your child!

ICT: come and look at our owls and see what skills the children have learnt in ICT (names in different font sizes, colours , underlined, block colour).

If the weather is good we will be having a camp fire at forest school on Wednesday. Would you like to come and make toast? See me please.


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Comment 1 Comment by Zoe B on 28 Sep 12 at 7:25pm | Quote this comment
You are doing some hard things class Kenya
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Ryan on 01 Oct 12 at 8:14am | Quote this comment
...Quoting Nicky T:
Thank you for the update Mrs Sellick

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