What have we been doing?

Hello my lovely class! Parents your children have settled in to year 2 and so have I! This week we have been busy with:

Literacy; writing list poems (These will soon be on the blog).

Numeracy: using the language of addition - plus, altogether, increase, the sum of.

Science: we have been predicting and discussing what happens to plants when they are denied light. Some children thought the plant would die, some thought it would be very small and three children thought it would grow but be browny-yellow in colour.

French: we can say, good morning everyone, sit down, stand up, listen to me, look at me.

Art: we have been thinking about colours and shading we can use to show night and day. 

Games: we have been playing golf, catching and throwing balls, skipping and kicking balls at targets.

Geography: this is on going. We have thought of questions we would like to find out about the postcards children have displayed in the classroom e.g. What river flows through Liverpool? We will also be making a Kenya box which will include facts we have researched.

ICT: As well as numeracy games we have been taught how to underline, change the size, type and colour of the font.

We have also made a class charter of ideas which will make our classroom a safe happy one.


Phew I feel exhausted just writing this! We have had a hard working week. Hopefully I will see you on Monday at 2:30 in my classroom.






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Comment 1 Comment by Daniel B mum on 19 Sep 12 at 7:44pm | Quote this comment
We just want to say a very quick thank you for the timetable that was sent home today. It will be very useful to discuss more relevantly what has happened each day, and it was great to see what is being taught at different times !
Comment 2 Comment by Nicky Taylor on 21 Sep 12 at 10:18am | Quote this comment
Thank you for the update, it's great to hear what's been going on in class, it doesn't always come home with the children!

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