If you go down to the woods.........

We had the first of our four Summer Forest Schools sessions last week. We started off by being photographers and taking pictures with our special 'talking memory cameras'. We all a had a lot of fun and did things like making shelters, building birds' nests and doing a marble run. Some of us even tried making some porridge out of mud. Some people were playing and painting in their dens. A few children even tried to make mini forest schools sites out of sticks and rope.

On the marble run we had to be very good engineers to test if it would work. If it didn't, we had to do it again. In the digging area we found lots of interesting objects like pieces of pottery and china.

Some people, who were bug hunting, found centipedes and earwigs. Then they made a 'bug studio' where they could see the minibeasts more closely.

A group of would-be explorers made a boat out of wood. They called it 'The Beauty'. They took great care when they were painting it.

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