Testing to destruction 2

Earlier in the week we did some work to find out how much weight a single piece of paper could hold and what it took to make things collapse. Today we have tried to find out what the best 3-d shape is to support a weight. We started off by watching a video clip of the collapse of the Tacoma bridge in America. If you would like to view that video clip click on the link below:

With out Talking Partners we decided how we were going to build the shapes we wanted to hold our card bridge. The first thing we needed to agree was what 3-d shape we were going to put our structure on. Some of us chose to make cylinders; some made cuboids; some made cubes; some even had a go at making a triangular prism. 

Once we had made our shape we then had to balance a piece of card on it and see how much weight we could add before it collapsed. You can see how much fun we had and how we got on........

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