Setting the scene

In English this week we have been creating story settings. We started by listening to a piece of music, then drawing the scene that came to mind. After that we began to write the setting and worked on improving our first ideas so that our settings were as imaginative and exciting as possible. We thought you might like to read some of them. 

We all worked together on the first one:

The rain thundered down, swelling the fast-flowing, furious, foaming river as it snaked its way through the belly of the Hidden Forest. High above the forest floor, perched atop the rocky cliffs, casting its imposing shadow, sat the dark, ancient castle.

The children worked on their own settings, testing them out with their Talking Partners then editing them. 

Alfie: The gloomy, dark ancient castle was in a creepy forest. The scary wood has a blasting volcano in it and loads of rain dripping down with loud thunder everywhere with only a little sun in the background. 

Zoe: The thunder and lightning crackled wildly above the horrible, haunted hilltops.

Kane: There was a scary, fast, foggy time vortex

Tom: In the terrifying woods was a haunted castle with a horrifying rainstorm and a gigantic river.

James Br…..The boy stood in the deep, dark, dangerous night with falling stars. The shining stars blindfold you. The moon is bigger than a giant and whiter than a zebra. All the shooting stars were faster than a cheetah and pointier than a spear. The drifty stars were eye-catching and unbelievable and lift you away.

Lauren…….On a very small, sunny beech called Rocky Bay there had been a smooth, silent storm. The leaves on the palm trees were as slippery as soap and the crumbles of sand were soft like candyfloss.

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