Our Trip to Woodchester Mansion

This recount was dictated to Mr Clements by various members of our class.

On Tuesday 24th April Key Stage 1 went on a school trip to Woodchester Mansion. We all had to go to the water fountain and the toilet before we left. Mrs Johnson paired us up into groups so that we wouldn't get lost. In each group there was a parent to help take care of the group. With us we had Mrs Milne, Mrs Wood and Mr Boyd as well as Mrs Merrikin.


Mrs Johnson's group went first down the slope to the Chipping car park. We drove from the Chipping car park to the mansion on big, yellow Rover coaches. It was very noisy on the coaches because everyone was chatting to their partners.

When we got to the mansion car park we got out of the coaches and found our groups again. One of the coaches got stuck and did a wheel spin. In the car park there was a big grass area where we played tag and lots of other games while we were waiting for the minibuses to come and collect us to take us down to the mansion. Some people walked down the mile long path to the mansion.Some people stopped halfway down the path to listen to the birds and look at the surroundings: there were bluebells and wild garlic. It was really beautiful.

Some people had a snack in the car park before setting off for the mansion.

When we got down to the mansion we split off into different groups and did different activities: seeing bats, sketching, going on tours of the mansion and going on a walk around the grounds.

Mr Boyd's group went to the bat observatory and saw bats live on cameras. A man called Ray told us all about the bats. There were Greater and Lesser Horseshoe Bats. They use echo location to help them to fly in the dark. We found out that if their wings get too wet or too dry they can get mouldy or crack. This will mean that the bats will die because they can't catch their food.

Some people didn't see the bats first. Instead, they walked all the way down and did some sketching of the building from any angle they wanted to.

There were lots of gargoyles with funny faces and different noses. All of the gargoyles looked like two different animals mixed together - like a dog and a cat or a mouse and a ferret. They had holes above them and when it rains the gutters on the roof collect the water and it comes out of the gargoyles mouths. They were made out of concrete to stop them from rotting.

We went to Woodchester Mansion so that we could learn about different types of buildings. Our IPC topic this term is all about buildings. We wanted to find out how different houses can be different; what different materials people used to make them and how they are made and what they would look like when they are finished.

The house was split into two sides: a dark side and a light side. One side was for the servants - this was the dark side. The light side was used by the rich people - the Master of the house, William Lee, and his wife and their family. His father had got his money from taking people across the sea on boats in Victorian times. William Lee spent a lot of money on the house but he never finished building it. Only one room in the whole building was finished - the dining room. In this room there were velvet chairs and velvet curtains and a really unusual fireplace because it had patterns all the way round it. The ceiling had beautiful little flowers on it.

Some of the rooms had beautiful stone butresses that curve up into the ceiling.

A lot of the building is still not finished. A lot of the windows don't have any glass in. The roof isn't finished and has holes in and there are missing floors all over the mansion - you can see this by the fireplaces that are dotted randomly on the walls.

The mansion's gardens were so big because the people who owned it were so rich that the have room for a gigantic forest.

We had a really really good time even though some people on the walks got really soaked.

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