Who said the Victorians had no sense of fun?

We had a fantastic Victorian Day on Friday last week. We all dressed up in Victorian costume and tried to imagine what it would have been like to have gone to a Victorian school, played Victorian games or work in a Victorian kitchen. You can see how we got on in the 3 different photo slideshows below.


It seems that schools in Victorian times were a lot less fun than they are today. The teachers were horrid and very strict - even stricter than Mr Clements!


We spent time with Mrs Awbery exploring a really great website where we found out lots of things about Victorian times.


We had also borrowed lots of artefacts from the Stroud museum which we had fun looking at and drawing. Mrs Gargano talked to us about what they were and what they were used for.

Mrs Merrikin introduced us to lots of playground games that children in Victorian schools would have played.

Children in Victorian times had to work very hard at home as well as at school. They didn't have all the things that we take for granted in our homes today - like washing machines, dishwashers and electric ovens. We were all very tired after working in Mrs Goodship's Victorian kitchen - although we loved the rock cakes we made with Mrs Dove.

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