Day 4 - Getting messy!

Wow! What an afternoon!  We started off by being detectives and finding out that Mr Clements had stolen the ice cream from the freezer at lunch time.  We tested all the inks of the teachers' pens and he was definitely the villain!

We then moved on to 'Nice Nappies' activity.  We tested nappies to see how absorbent they were and to see which part of the nappy absorbs the liquid.

Finally, we got messy!  Very very messy! (Sorry parents - please see Mrs Pullin or Mrs Godwin with any problems! Only joking)

We glooped ourselves and moulded the gloop in to solids and then let it change back in to liquid form.  Then we tried to make bubbles.  We even got one bubble up to a child's shoulders!  Lastly we tested different balloons with different items inside them to see which would fall to the ground the fastest and which would glide gracefully.

Huge thank you to Mrs Pullin for all her amazing work and to Mrs Godwin and Mrs Brewer for their help this afternoon, I hope noone is too gloopy!

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Ryan on 15 Mar 12 at 8:21pm | Quote this comment
Wow: this looked like an amazing afternoon! The smiles say it all.

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