Epiphany at St. Mary's Church

We had a FANTASTIC morning yesterday at St. Mary's church.  We learnt all about Epiphany and the journey that the Kings took to Bethlehem.  What a journey!  I can't believe they made it.  We each got given a star to carry around with us as we followed the Kings through the desert, up the mountains, past nasty King Herod's palace and finally arriving to see the baby in the manger.  We got to write thank you prayers on the way which we offered as our gift to baby Jesus. Lighting a candle was also part of our journey where we got to think about someone we loved.

We absolutely loved it and very kindly got given postcards about the Epiphany story to take home.  A big thank you to all at St Mary's church for putting this event on and thank you also to Mrs Godwin, Mrs Stevenson, Mrs Tamsett and Mrs Lever for helping out.

I hope you enjoy these photos of our visit.

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