Wonderful Westonbirt!

We had a FANTASTIC day at Westonbirt today.  We started off the day going on the Seasonal Trail and finding leaves that were all different shapes and colours. 

In the afternoon we had a teacher led session by someone from the arboretum.  We went on a seed hunt where we found lots of different types of cones and seeds.  Another thing that we learnt today was about deciduous and evergreen trees and what happens to each of these types of trees in the Autumn and Winter time.  We also learnt about how the animals stay warm in the Winter and then with our leaves that we had found we made beautiful bookmarks. 

Thank you to Mrs Turner, Mrs Lever, Mrs Godwin, Mrs Little and Mrs Bell for their amazing help, and of course Mrs Dove!

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Comment 1 Comment by Jo B on 08 Nov 11 at 6:19pm | Quote this comment
What a lovely day - thank you!
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Ryan on 08 Nov 11 at 7:56pm | Quote this comment
It was a great day and looks like Class South Africa had just as good a time as we did! Great photos, Mrs Awbery.
Comment 3 Comment by Ella W-L on 09 Nov 11 at 6:17pm | Quote this comment
I love the photos of a trip! Making my book-mark was fun!

Love Ella
Comment 4 Comment by finlay s on 09 Nov 11 at 8:04pm | Quote this comment
I really liked the trees because they were nice and colourful for autumn. I was very glad it did not rain and it was a great trip.
Comment 5 Comment by Mr Ryan on 12 Nov 11 at 9:43am | Quote this comment
Quoting Dan B:
It was fun

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