Easter treats

What an exciting day! Even though the children didn’t have the opportunity to view the eclipse outside, they did watch parts live on the internet. The children then learnt some facts about the Solar eclipse and wrote their own information book!

In maths this week children have been looking at place value. I wonder if they can show you which number is a unit, ten or hundred? They were using this information to help them add trickier numbers by partitioning. Towards the end of the week we started to look at fractions- we will be continuing with fractions next week.  

In English next week children will be following instructions to make Easter goodies. They will also have the opportunity to create their own instructions, testing if someone else can follow them.

Just a reminder on Tuesday we will have the writer Pauline Travers visiting the children. I am very excited; she will put on quite a show! The children will have the opportunity to buy one of her books for £4 at the end, she will sign every copy!

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