Star achievers (non-uniform Friday 13th)

This week are English lessons will be based on poetry. Children will be looking at a range of nursery rhymes, with some that have gone wrong (slightly changed or have a different ending). Children will look at different adjectives and rhyming patterns the poets use. This will then help them recreate their own nursery rhymes that have gone wrong.

In maths we are looking at weight and time. Children will be looking at telling the time to o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter too and then using this knowledge to help them solve problems. Children will also take part in different weighing activities, using different vocabulary e.g. heavier, lighter and weighing different objects to the nearest 100g.

Class Kingsley have earned them self another point for star attenders, so we now have 2 non-school uniform days due! Well done everyone!! One of the non-uniform days will take place on the last day of term Friday 13th February. 

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