Hooray... We're still going on holiday!

Hello everyone.

Class South Africa are still enjoying finding out about holidays. Last week the children use collage, paint, fine crayons and sand to create holiday works of art. They were beautiful! The children were thinking carefully about taking their time and observing fine details. When painting, the children use fine brushes and colour mixing to meet their requirements. We found it quite tricky - but enjoyed the challenge!

Our 'On the Go' travel agents role-play corner is proving to be a huge success. The children learnt so much from our visit and are using their new knowledge to improvise role-play scenarios. Not many children can resist walking past without typing a few notes on our computer or taking a quick phone call. The children have been looking at brochures, filling in booking forms and working out costings.

This week in maths we will be focusing on identifying and creating patterns and number sequences, telling the time and calculating time based word problems.

In literacy, we will be developing our understanding of fantasy stories. Last week focussed on settings, and this week we will be writing character descriptions.

This week we will be carrying out the National Phonics Test with all year 1 children. They read 40 words - 20 real, 20 made up. They are tested 1 at a time to ensure fairness and I will be the teacher assigned to testing the children (to ensure consistency). You will be informed before the end of the term as to how your child has go on.

Finally, this term we support all Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2 children with the transition to their new class and year group. If they come home talking about having storytimes with other teachers, this is all part of the process of familiarisation. Please do let me know if your child is expressing concerns to you about moving on. Often, class teachers are the last to find out as the children often want us to feel that they are coping and confident. The mornings of Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th July will be transition mornings where your child spends time with their new teacher and class. More news on this later.


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