Sunny Sports Day!

Well done South Africa! On Thursday we were lucky enough to enjoy the sunshine for our sports day. You all tried very hard with the different activities and skills. I am hoping for us to get back onto the field on Tuesday afternoon for P.E so please make sure you have all your kit and trainers/daps back in school for then.

In English this week are starting a new genre - fantasy stories. This week we will be exploring different fantasy settings, including under the sea, space and jungles etc. We will be thinking about using powerful description in our writing, including listed adjectives and similes.

In maths we are practising our doubling skills and knowledge of times-tables. Our aim is to become really quick with recalling these facts, so that we can use them to help us in other problems.

In IPC we are focussing on art, using a variety of materials and processes. We will be creating seaside scenes using layered tissue paper or watercolours, creating sand sculptures, and examining lines and patterns on seaside objects such as shells and pebbles.

Finally, Mrs Dove nearly managed to check everyone's spellings on Friday. Many apologies if we didn't get chance to check your child's - we will make sure this happens tomorrow morning.

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