We're Going On A Lion Hunt!

Last week we began with our knowledge harvest; sharing what we already know about circuses. We used ICT to create pictures of what we already know, learning how to use shape and colour tools. In P.E we pretended to be different circus performers, thinking carefully about our performances. We realised that trying to do two different acts at the same time (e.g. riding a unicycle and juggling) must be very difficult – and we were just pretending to do them! In art we started to think carefully about our clown faces designs and planned what they would look like using pastels. If I have not yet had a face-paint permission slip for your child, please send it in as soon as possible – thank you.

This week we will be finding out more about the layout of a circus and what kind of buildings they are in. We will also be composing some circus music, which will represent a circus performer of the children’s choice.

In literacy this week, we will be writing our own version of a story with patterned language, which is from another culture. Our story this week is, ‘We’re going on a Lion Hunt’. As we progress through the week perhaps your child might be able to retell the story for you, using the repeated phrases. The children will plan and write their own versions of the story, including powerful adjectives, adverbs and verbs.

In maths we will be solving problems involving addition, halving and doubling in different contexts (measure and money).

I do hope you have all had chance to have a look at our home learning grid. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or queries about it. I hope to get a copy of it onto the school website shortly.

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