Hustle Bustle in Class South Africa!

We have been so busy in Class South Africa over the last few weeks. The Christmas play, Hey Ewe, is well underway and is sure to be a real treat.

In English last week we finished our topic, ‘stories with familiar settings’ by writing our own Charlie and Lola stories. All children made sure they included a problem and solution in their stories and tried really hard to address their ‘growing green next steps’ from their last piece of writing. This week we are moving on to instructions. Perhaps you might like to support your child at home by following instructions with them e.g. a recipe, directions, how to make something. Encourage your child to point out the main features of instructions (bossy verbs, numbered steps, time connectives, diagrams etc).

In maths we are looking at 2d and 3d shapes; our targets range from naming them, to classifying them. Encourage your child to discuss shapes around them. Perhaps they may enjoy some junk modelling, using different shaped packaging.

Mrs Dove and I just about managed to check all year 1 spellings last week. Year 2s please make sure your spellings are in your book bags this week, as we will be checking your spellings when we have short bursts of time to spare.

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