Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

Thank you for attending parent’s consultations. It was lovely to be able to share your child's achievements and next steps with you.

This week we have produced some beautiful pieces of ‘short burst’ writing. The children have written setting descriptions of the forest from the tale of Little Red Riding Hood. They also made missing posters for the Gingerbread Man, some of which conclude with a question e.g. have you seen him? The children also thought about alternative endings for traditional tales. They thought about what the Big Bad Wolf did after he managed to escape from the woodcutter. They chose their favourite idea and wrote a postcard to Class South Africa, pretending to be him. Perhaps your child could tell you what the Big Bad Wolf’s new job is! Next week the children will be writing their own versions of a traditional tale, some with a new twist.

In maths we have been working hard with multiplication. We have solved problems involving lots of and groups of. We have been relating repeated addition to multiplication. Next week we will be focusing on counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. As ever, our bronze, silver and gold targets are ensuring that we are all meeting a challenge. This may include learning a new method to support multiplication, or using alternative resources e.g. a number line.

To support your child at home, perhaps you might like to have a look on This website is full of problem solving activities and games that encourage children to apply their mathematical knowledge, and to develop essential problem solving skills and attitudes.

In our IPC topic we will be responding to ‘light and dark’ music, and composing our own pieces that reflect these themes.

The explorer dome was a real treat. The children really enjoyed learning about the stars and the story of Orion. We discussed how a rainbow is formed and had a go at playing with shadows. It was a real pleasure to see the children so engaged and inquisitive.

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