What have we been doing this week?

Hello everyone!

Another busy week in South Africa!

In numeracy we have been solving addition problems. We have been using the correct symbols in our number sentences and have been trying to work out missing values in addition number problems. Next week we will be moving on to subtraction. The language that we will be using will include: ‘less’, ‘fewer than’, ‘take away’, ‘minus’, ‘subtract’, and ‘how many are left?’

Perhaps you could take this opportunity to use this language when out and about with your child, for example when getting change for your shopping.

In literacy we have been looking at poetry. We have created some shared poems this week, which have been very successful! Next week we will be using all the information and good ideas that we have gathered to create our own independent poetry. Sharing some poetry with your child at home might give them further good ideas and examples of language that they might like to use in their own compositions.

Forest School sessions have been very enjoyable for the children, and for Mrs Hunt! Thank you to all the parents who have helped so far.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Fisher



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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Jones on 22 Sep 12 at 5:37pm | Quote this comment
Looks like class South Africa had plenty of fun during Forest School. I shall be finding out who is a star at using the mathematics vocabulary next week. :lol:
Comment 2 Comment by Myra Patterson on 24 Sep 12 at 4:59pm | Quote this comment
It is lovely to here how Class South Africa are getting on.
Comment 3 Comment by Penny S on 27 Sep 12 at 11:27am | Quote this comment
Another fun Forest school session yesterday. My son thoroughly enjoys all those sessions.

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