Our trip to Woodchester Mansion!

Wow! What an amazing day, thank you rain for staying away (for most of our day)!

We visited Woodchester Mansion today as part of our topic work on buildings and structures.  Woodchester is a Grade 1 listed house in the Victorian gothic style.  It is unique because it has never been finished.  It was abandoned due to the cost of finishing it.

Today, we got to go on a tour around the house to see the different rooms and architecture inside the building.  We also got to go on a walk around their grounds (which include a zip wire!) as well as sketching parts of the building like the gargoyles on the front of the building.  We also enjoyed learning about the bats that still live inside the building today and it is believed they have been there from the start.

Thank you to all of our amazing parent helpers as well as the beautifully behaved children.  I'm sure you'll all sleep well tonight!

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