Super Science!

What a fun afternoon! We did three different activities Nice Nappies, balloons, bubbles and gloop and who is the ice cream thief? We started at balloons, bubbles and gloop which was very messy but fun. We explored how balloons filled with different things fell to the ground in different ways. We had great fun playing with gloop which acts like both a solid and a liquid. We explored bubbles and made large bubbles using coat hangers. We discovered that bubbles always form a sphere. We made large bubbles around children and put our hands through a wall of bubbles without popping it!

Next we worked with Mrs Awbery to find out who had stolen the ice-cream from the kitchen. We looked at finger prints and found out it was Mr Clement's chocolaty finger print that had been found!

Finally we worked with Mr Clements to find out how much water a nappy can hold. We also found out that it is the small granules in the nappy that absorbs water and not the cotton padding.

Class Egypt would like to say a BIG thank you to everyone who helped organise, set up and run this afternoon's activities. 

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