Time Detectives-The Big Dig

On Tuesday Class Egypt had a fantastic day using different skills to explore the past. Gloucestershire Archaeology Team visited and helped set up six different activities for us to try out. We got to dress up as Victorian children and play some Victorian games. We looked at different historical artefacts and drew them. We were given words from the past, such as mangle, and we used the internet to find out what they were. We used clay to make our candle holders.  We also found out who William Morris was and had a chance to try and replicate wallpaper in his style.  Our two Archaeologists, Breige and Anna set up a dig for us to experience. They showed us how to use the tools correctly. In pairs we uncovered clues from the past and when we pieced the evidence together we found we had uncovered a family home.
We must say a big thank you to the Gloucestershire Archaeology Team but also a big thank you to all the parents who helped support the running of the activities.
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