What did you play with when you were a child?

A big thank you for supporting us with our launch day on the 6th. The children looked amazing and talked confidently about who they were, what made them famous and when.

We're continuing our look at history over the next weeks. Last week we talked about toys the children enjoy playing with, then thought about whether parents may have played with the same toys. You will all have received a letter from your child asking you to talk with them about what you played with as a child. There's also a few boxes for you to fill in too. Please could this be returned to school tomorrow? The children do find the past a very difficult concept and would really benefit from spending time with you talking about their family, when important family events took place e.g. weddings, Christenings etc.


Ali Dixon is working with Class Livingstone on Mondays with a games focus. We then repeat the lesson on Tuesdays (without Ali).  We had quite a few problems when we did P.E last week with tops or shorts missing from various children's bags. If you are able to, please could you pop in and check your child's bag? Thank you.



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