Who will you be?

Happy new year everyone and I hope you all had a wonderful time at Christmas!

This week sees the launch of our new unit 'People of the Past'. As we wrote in the KS1 newsletter, we would like the children to come to school on Tuesday dressed as (a significant) someone from the last 5 years. This needs to be a real person and not a fictional character. They do not need to be well known, but to have made their mark in some way. For instance, this could be a sporting, acting, singing or political's up to you! It would be great if your child knows a little about who they are dressed as so they can share this information with the class. Many thanks.

Reading lessons (with the support of our parent volunteers) begin this week. The children will all have the opportunity to read with adults in a small group and take part in a range of reading activities that support the development of specific reading skills. This will happen daily between 9.00 and 9.20. Please continue to read daily with your child at home  - the difference this makes to their progress and confidence is immense.

This promises to be a great term for Class Livingstone (and I'm looking forward to seeing all the children again and hearing all their holiday news!)



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