Hi all, I know there will be great excitement in Class Livingstone tomorrow as the build up to Christmas (officially!) begins. The children have been counting the days until they can open their advent calendars, and tomorrow we will be seeing what our Advent Gingerbread Man has in store for us! This fits in really well with some of the maths units we've been focussing on recently - ordering, naming and writing the days of the week. Every day we talk about what the day is today, what the day was yesterday and what the day will be tomorrow. If this is reinforced at home as they open their advent calendars, that would be great.

Our focus for English at the moment is using full stops and capital letters to demarcate sentences and using 'and' to join 2 sentences together e.g. Father Christmas has a white beard and red trousers.

Maths has a money focus. We will be learning to recognise all coins (and notes) and learning their value. Children become easily confused when it comes to money so any reinforcement you can do at home would be great. The children need to know that there is not a coin for every number, and we combine the coins to make different totals. They need to understand that size does not reflect the value. Once your child is able to recognise coins, try adding different combinations together e.g. 2p, 2p and 1p. Tap each coin as you count on ...1,2....3,4...5.

'The Sleepy Shepherds' - the Christmas play, is coming on really well and promises to be a real treat. Tickets will be available at the end of this week. Remember, you have a choice of 9.45 am and 2.00 pm on Wednesday 10th December or 9.45 on Thursday 11th December. We do hope you can come. Costumes need to be in school on Wednesday. Again, let me know if you're having problems getting hold of your child's costume as we have various bits and pieces in school.


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