A few thank yous.

Hi there, thank you so much to all the parents who have kindly loaned or given us buggies for our Design Technology projects. We'll be looking closely at them this week, focussing on materials used to make them, the different components needed to make it work and how those components work together. The children will then have an opportunity to design their own 'buggy for the future'.

Last week in maths the children learned about place value - where numbers sit on a number line, numbers that are more or less than other numbers. On Friday we had fun using the Splat Square to learn more about counting in 10s. I promised the children that I would give you the link to Splat Square so they could have fun with it at home (hide numbers, splat all the 10's or all the even numbers or odd numbers!

2014-10-12 05.16.00 pm

I hope you all found the mathletics passwords in envelopes in book bags on Friday and are having fun exploring the site. We do not set homework for mathletics, but hope that the children enjoy working at their own pace through the activities.

Many thanks for all your support with walking to church, forest school and with spelling. Mrs. Clark and I have been so pleased with the effort the children are making with their spellings and great progress is being made already.

Finally, it was lovely to see you all at parent consultations last week. I do hope you found it useful.


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Comment 1 Comment by Ciara Knight on 13 Oct 14 at 11:26am | Quote this comment
Hi I can't appear to open the link. Help
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Ryan on 15 Oct 14 at 9:13am | Quote this comment

It should work as I tested it and appeared to be ok - maybe try another web browser? If not, have you tried copying and pasting the link into the address bar of your browser?

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