A couple of reminders

Hi there, just a reminder that tomorrow the children all need to bring in a favourite cuddly toy. As I said in the letter, it will need to stay in school all week so please make sure it's not a toy they can't sleep without!!

We've had some lovely photos of the children as babies - if you haven't brought one in yet, please could it come in this week? Thank you

Has anyone got a buggy they were no longer using? This would help us with this term's D.T project and would be returned. If you do have 1 you could spare, please let me know.

Finally, the children will have their first spelling test on Friday. Please don't let them worry about this, we celebrate all efforts!! The children will be asked to write them down so if possible, try and practise this at home (but don't panic if you child is resistant!)

Many thanks


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