Number facts!

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This week we will be combining our 'Greenfingers' unit with our literacy focus. We are turning our hand to reading and writing instructions, the children will be planting seeds, looking carefully at instructions on the packets and then will have a go at writing our own set of instructions. I've been really pleased with the way the children are using their writing target cards - individual targets to help improve a single aspect of thieir writing e.g. using full stops or making sure finger spaces are used. Also, the children use a marking ladder when they write which helps them learn what is needed specifically for a particular genre. For example, when we write our instructions they need to write  (amongst other things) short sentences starting with bossy verbs. This all helps the children improve as writers, knowing what they need to do to improve!

In maths we are focussing this week on numnber facts - pairs of numbers that make 5, 10 and 20. We will be looking at how these patterns can help us add and subtract e.g. If we know 5-2 =3 then we can work out 15-2=13 or 25-2=23.

We are learning about the weather in geography at the moment, in particular looking at the adverse effects of extreme weather. In science, we will be conducting some simple investigations into plant life.

Don't forget it's forest school on Thursday. I'm not sure whether this has been communicated to you before...if not sorry for the late notice. I have had 1 offer of help for this round of forest school (which is why I'm not sure if everyone knows about it) so if you can help over the next 3 weeks do let me know.

Many thanks...and let's hope the sun shines!

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