Green Fingers!

Hi there and a warm welcome back to the summer term. The children have made a good start to the new term and although rather obsessed with all things chocolatey on Tuesday we've gradually replaced this with an interest in all things green and growing! We began making our herby heads on Friday and will be finishing them off this week. During our Knowledge Harvest I discovered that the children already know a lot about what plants need to survive so we'll be using this topic to explore the concept of fair testing as well as taking the opportunity to grow plants of our own. We will be using the planter in the Foundation Stage garden (the one closest to the fence) to plant flowers and vegetables.

Maths and English have got off to a good start this term. In English we are looking at narrative writing, in particular stories with familiar settings. We have been reading the story of Oliver's Vegetables by Vivien French, and this week, after dramatising it, illustrating it and retelling the story in our own words, we will be writing the story. Maths has an addition and subtraction focus, counting on when adding and counting up to find the difference.

On Thursday May 22nd we will be taking the children to KLB to a multiskills event organised and run by students and staff from KLB. The children will have the chance to take part in a variety of different sporting activities for a morning. A letter will be going out this week with details.

The home learning grid will be sent out this week. In addition to the topic linked activities there is also a phonic focus. As you may be aware, all year 1 children take a phonics check in June. They read 40 words altogether, some real, some made up. The words are made up of a variety of phonemes (sounds) which the children have been taught over the last 2 years. I've attached an example onto the back of the home learning grid to give you and your child an opportunity to see what the check looks like. Practice reading them together, then challenge your child to come up with their own words! In response to parent concerns about home learning we have suggested that the home learning activities are optional, however, we really value them and see how the children benefit from completing them.

Any concerns, please let me know.


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