And we're off to the Black Country!

It's nearly here! Our visit to the Black Country Museum is nearing ever closer (we've been counting the days, the sleeps and by my reckoning it's 3) The children have been so excited and rightly so. It promises to be a great day. We have organised 2 workshops during the day. The Laundry Workshop will help the children understand what life was like in the home before washing machines were invented. The second workshop will be an education in more ways than one! The children will have experience of what it was like to be a child at school in Victorian times. This promises to be very interesting, and the children already have lots of theories about what may happen.

In English the children will be writing recounts of the events in 1838 when Grace Darling helped rescue 9 stranded people after their ship was wrecked. We have been learning about what makes a good recount and we will try and include these features when writing our own.

In maths we will be sharing objects into equal groups - early division. This may be an area you can support your child with at home as it readily crops up in everyday life - sharing food, pennies, counters etc.

Our IPC continues to have a Victorian focus when we look at the work of William Morris and try our hand at drawing a still life using a range of Victorian artefacts.

I hope to have photographs of our visit posted on the blog be next this space!

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