Exploring the past

Hi there, I do hope you've all had a good holiday and are now looking forward to a happy week back at school. Let's hope for some dry weather too! 

We're starting a new unit - Time Detectives. It has a big history focus, and we've decided to look closely at the Victorian period. This week I want to find out what the children understand about the past, and learn the questions they want to ask and explore.

Our literacy focus is narrative, and we'll be learning about features of traditional tales. This is the first week of a 3 week cycle, and we will eventually be writing our own versions of a traitional story.

Maths for this week is all about addition. We'll be practising using a range of strategies to make our calculations. We'll be adding 2 1 digit numbers (7+3), adding a 2 digit to a 1 digit (11+6),  adding a 1 digit to a multiple of 10 (30+8) and a 2 digit to a multiple of 10 (40+15) We're going to link this to one of our stories of the week, Jack and the Beanstalk.

I'm looking forward to our 2nd Forest School session on Thursday - wrap up warm, and lets hope for a dry and not too windy day!

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