What are we up to this week?

It seems as though this has been a very busy term, we've packed lots in but I still can't believe it's the final week before the half term holiday. The lovely thing is, that we've spotted signs of Spring! At our first Forest School session last week we noticed buds developing on the trees and even a few brave flowers peeping up from the ground. It was really cold though, a reminder that we're still in Winter and all children need to be wearing hats and gloves. The wind whips up on the field and it can be bitterly cold...last week quite a few children complained of feeling cold, so please make sure your child is dressed appropriately. Thank you.

This week we're learning about non-chronological writing and will be writing our own information books by the end of the week. We're looking at the differences between fiction and non-fiction texts - this may be something you would like to explore with your child at home as well.

In maths, we're focussing on measuring the capacity of different containers using non-standard units such as rice and beans. Last week the children learnt how to measure the weight or mass of objects and this week they will be working in pairs or independently applying these skills. We're learning about the 'difference' between numbers as well - a tricky concept for children, but made easier when explored practically using counters or by using a number line to count on. Some children may be able to count on from a number mentally.

In science we will continue to explore forces and light up our model houses!

By the end of the week you should have some information about the next topic  - Time Detectives.

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