Electrical fun!

Last week the children in KS1 were fortunate to learn first hand about what electricity can do. Mr. Young, Libby's dad showed the children a number of experiments using a van der graaf generator. Needless to say we were all very impressed, particularly with its effect on a lovely pink wig! Many thanks to Mr. Young for supporting the children with this topic. This week, we welcome Mr. Preston, Sky's dad who will be talking to all KS1 children about electricity and helping them gain greater understanding of this exciting, but challenging topic.

In other curriculum areas we enter our final week of stories with predictable and patterned language. Last week saw the children adding other settings to the Bear Hunt. There were so many imaginative ideas, including going through a pantomime, a jungle, a witches house and inevitably Star Wars land! We hope to develop the children's use of adjectives as we choose the story of The 3 Little Pigs. The children will begin the week by describing the different houses, then we hope the children will write stories of their own, but based on this traditional story using the adjectives they have brainstormed.

In maths, this is our final week learning number facts, patterns and shape. Our particular focus is 3D shape and the children will make patterns, describe and visualise the following 3D shapes - cubes, cuboids, spheres, cones, cylinder. They will be taught the mathematical language to describe these shapes using vocabulary such as curved, straight, face, vertex or vertices and edge. We will also be applying our knowledge of doubles to solve problems, e.g. 1 toy costs 5p, how much for 2?

We will continue to have fun creating electrical circuits and begin making our houses using recycled materials (linking to 3D shapes) that we hope we can light up with our own electrical circuits.



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