Happy New Year Class Livingstone!

Happy new year! I do hope you have all had a wonderful holiday and wish you every happinesss for 2014. 

The children are probably feeling a little bemused at the prospect of a week at school (just like their teacher!) but I know that once we're all back in on Tuesday, it will seem like we've never been away! I'm looking forward to hearing all about their holidays and visits from Father Chhristmas!

This week we begin learning more about story writing as we look at stories with predictable and patterned language - Brown Bear by Eric Carle and Handa's Surprise are 2 of many we're looking at.

In maths we'll be learning about patterns - with shapes and in number.

Our IPC topic begins in earnest this week as we take a look at the wonders of electricity. Our topic launch, as you know is on Friday where we hope the children will gain first hand experience of what electricity can do.

Don't forget that Tuesday also means P.E and this will be the first session when the children come to school in their P.E kit. Thank you so much for your support with this. It gives us at least 20 extra minutes of P.E during the afternoon.

If you are interested in supporting the children during guided reading lessons (letter sent early December) this Tuesday is the last day to let us know. If you have expressed an interest we will be getting in touch with you to let you know about training!



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