Christmas Fun!

Thank you for all the costumes that have been brought into school so far. We really appreciate your support and the effort you put into providing your child with the appropriate costume (I too have been on the receiving end of the 'Please can you provide...' costume letter, so sympathise with the demands made on parents by schools!)

The play is going really well, and today the children did their best performance yet. Next Tuesday is the dress rehearsal, followed by performances to familes on Wednesday and Thursday. We look forward to seeing you there.

In other learning...the instruction writing has been great fun this week. We have been learning the importance of listening carefully to verbal instructions; looking at how instructions are organised etiher pictorially or in short, often numbered sentences. Today we wrote our own instructions for how to brush teeth. 

Our maths has had a big focus on place value. We have learnt how counting in 10's helps us count large groups of objects and have learnt what the digits in a 2 digit number mean ie. how many tens and how many one's. This has been a steep learning curve for many children, but we're getting there. A great way to continue practising this skill at home is through counting money. Give your child a mixture of 10ps and 1ps and ask them to count how much money you have. Write down the total by referring to the number of 10p's first, then the number of 1p's. If this is too easy, introduce 2p's, 5p's into the mix!

Finally, thank you for your support with the new morning playground arrangements. If possible, we would appreciate it if the parents of year 1 and 2 children could leave the playground promptly as the reception children go in only once the playground is 'parent free'. Many thanks.



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