We're going to tell you a story!

Hi everyone, well the end of another busy week of learning in Class Livingstone! 

Our English focus for the next few weeks, as you know is story writing. At the beginning of the week the children had a go at writing the start of a familiar story in their own words - they did well, but their efforts made it clear where we needed to go next, and after reading some good...and not so good story starters written by various authors, the children have come up with a checklist of what is needed to make a great story start. Today, we watched a short film called 'Whistleless' (do ask your child about it...I loved it!) and then the children wrote the start of the story in their own words. What an improvement in just 4 days! Great openers, character and setting descriptions...well done children. Next week we continue developing our story writing skills.

Maths has been fun this week - we've been learning how to use number lines to add (not the most exciting skill, but necessary!) the addition of coloured stickers on our fingers helped us add accurately on our number lines and added a bit of fun - ask your child for details!

Next weeks maths will be more on addition and subtraction, number patterns and halves (of shapes and sets of objects) 

Our topic work will be helping the children learn about fasteners - what's the best way to join to materials together?

Just to mention, don't forget the PTA shopping evening on Thursday and the non-uniform day on Friday. Please bring chocolate as payment for wearing home clothes...I understand this is for the PTA and not teachers. Pity.

Have a great weekend!


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