The Smartest Class in Town!

Having said that I hoped Friday to be my regular blogging day I have fallen at the first hurdle...but managed a Saturday one instead. Ah well, best laid plans! Anyway, it's been a great week in Class Livingstone finsihing yesterday with our launch day for our All Dressed Up! unit. A huge thank you for helping with the patterned clothing - the children looked great. We had a day focussing on pattern, involving mathematical number patterns (finish the pattern 2,4,6...5,10,15 etc), recreating the patterns on our clothes with paint selecting the best tool to make spots or stripes, and we are making our very own game of Misfits - more to come!

Next week, having completed our knoweldge harvest - finding out what the children already know about clothes, where they come from, what they're made from, why we wear different clothes for different events etc. we will use the story of The Smartest Giant in Town by Julia Donaldson to focus on patterned clothing and design. Each week we will take a different part of the story and provide a stimulus for the children's learning. Next week the giant's tie will lead us forward! If you have the story at home I'm sure your child will enjoy sharing it with you.

In English we will begin our 3 week cycle on story writing using the same story as a stimulus for writing. 

Calculation is the main focus in maths next week, in particular how to use a number line correctly to add and subtract and apply this to problem solving.

Thank you so much for all the contributions of clothing - next week we will have them all up on the washing line, clearly labelled, ready for the children to use as part of their learning.

Next week we will be putting together the home learning grid for this unit - the learning that went on at home with the last unit was fantastic and the children were so proud to share what they'd learnt in school. Again, a big thank you for your commitment and for supporting your child with this.


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