Holiday fun in Class Egypt!

Thank you to all parents (and grandparents) who have offered to walk with us to KLB on Wednesday morning. It promises to be a great morning for all of Key Stage 1. 

This week sees us writing our non-chronoligical reports (some of the children can even say it!) We have been gathering lots of facts about our chosen minibeasts, and after a visit to the conservation area, finding facts in books and on the internet we are ready to write our reports. 

After spending the last 2 weeks learning how to multiply and record sets of 2, 5, and 10 we are moving on to division - which ties in well with what we've learnt in multiplication. It's been great to see how independent the children are in their learning; selecting resources to support and asking their peers before turning to an adult. 

Our IPC unit continues after the half term holiday, as there is a lot to learn in this unit! This week we will be using the information the children have brought in about their favourite holidays to compare with a friend. Amongst other things, the children will be looking at similarities and differences between their destinations.

Finally, the children are all doing so well with their reading and are using their decoding skills brilliantly. Don't forget though, that it's important that they understand what they have read. By asking them questions about the text,'Why do you think Chip behaved like that?' 'What would you have done if that had happened to you?' etc. you will quickly find out whether they are reading for meaning or just saying what they see. Please do pop in if you would like any more information about supporting your child with reading.

Just a reminder...all children need P.E shoes as soon as possible please. 



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