Well done - great worship!

Congratulations Class Egypt for your fablulous worship on Friday. You all did so well, you should feel proud of yourselves. Thank you to all parents who attended, it makes it such a special occasion for the children. This week we will be learning about our host country - Egypt, finding out why it's a popular destination with tourists. We will also be comparing the weather in Egypt with our own. The children will be learning how travel brochures are used to 'sell' places to holidaymakers. We are going to use a similar format in art, as the children learn how to use the digital camera to photograph their favourite places in school. We will use various tools to crop, enlarge, reduce etc. the photo and we will also be looking at ways they could be improved.

In literacy, our genre is now non-fiction (fitting in well with our look at travel brochures). We will be learning how to write non-chronological reports based on the children's findings in the conservation area. This will be our focus for the next 3 weeks, resulting in writing our own chronological reports.

In maths, after a week of addition, we will be applying our learning to problem solving based on minibeasts! We will solve problems that need the 4 areas of calculation in order to be solved - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


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