Fancy a holiday in Wotton?

Firstly, a big welcome to Class Egypt's 2 new teaching assistants. We welcome Mrs. Janette Oldfield and Mrs. Becci Jones who will support the children with their learning during the mornings and afternoons respectively. 

The children have been finding out about the geographical features of their locality by looking at photographs and talking about their own experiences. The view is that Wotton has a lot to offer! Come in and read their postcards and find out their favourite features in Wotton. Part of our geography focus is to look at the different ways we can find information about a place. Having shared our knowledge and used the internet to find information we will be looking at maps and plans of Wotton this week and next week hope to go on a fact finding tour of the area. We will be needing helpers to walk with us, so if you are available, we would really appreciate your support. I will post on the blog tomorrow the date we've gone for after checking with the office. A letter will be going home later this week.

Cinderella seems to have brought out budding thespians in Class Egypt! We've had great fun making props and wearing costumes to help tell the story. This week we will be writing story openers - engaging our readers through our choice of language, punctuating correctly and including lots of WOW words.

Last weeks maths, as you know was focussed on shape. The children have got to grips with most shape names and are beginning to describe them accurately in terms of their properties. For 2D shapes  - side, corner, straight side or curved side  and for 3D shapes - face (curved or flat), edge  - curved or straight and corner. Keep practicing your descriptive skills children!

This week we will continue to have a focus on shape at the start of each lesson. Our main focus will be positional language, describing the position of different objects and following instructions involving positional language. The language we will be using  - position, direction, beside, next to, front, back, between, centre, underneath, above, on top of, below, halfway, left and right.

This links well with our geography focus on maps and plans and using directions.


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Now I understand why L has been dressed as Cinderella since Friday!

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