The holiday continues for Class Egypt!

Hello everyone and I hope you've all had great holidays and feel refreshed and ready to start the new term.

We're starting our new IPC unit, Hooray...let's go on holiday! which will hopefully be relevant to the children having just come to the end of their Easter holidays. This week we will doing our Knowlege Harvest, finding out what we know about holidays and what we would like to find out. We will focus on places we've been, things we take with us, things we like to do, things we buy and the reasons we go on holidays. We will also be starting the geography unit which looks at holiday destinations. This week we will be thinking about our own locality, and finding out what Wotton has to offer people who might visit the area on holiday.

Our literacy takes us on a journey through fairy tales. This week we will focus on Cinderella, considering the sequence of events, characters, setting and begin looking at common themes between a range of fairy tales. Do take this opportunity to read your child a range of fairy tales, particularly some of the less well known ones. The end of the unit will result in the children writing their own version of a fairy tale.

Maths has a shape focus. We will be learning the names and properties (sides, corners, faces etc.) of 2D and 3D shapes. You can support your child by looking for examples of these shapes in and around the home and encouraging them to describe the shapes they see. It may be useful to remind your child that 3D shapes have faces rather than sides. A challenge for the children will be to see if they can recognise 3D shapes from drawings.

The home learning grid will be going home at the beginning of the week with activities to support this terms unit. Last term it was great to see how much the children learnt from these activities and how inspired they became. Many thanks for your support and encouragement.




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