Show and Tell Arrangements

We have been inundated recently with the amount of news and things the children would like to share in class, and ubfortunately do not always have time to share them. So, Mrs. Johnson and I would like to start a fair system that gives all children an equal opportunity of sharing their things.

We will invite 2 children each Wednesday to choose something to share on the following Friday of that week for 'Show and Tell'. This can be soemthing special they've made, news about a recent visit, birthday news or something that links to the topic - we will ne be sharing toys as there are always difficulties when chidren bring them into school.

The children will have the opportunity to talk to the class for about 5 minutes, answering questions and telling them all about their choice. This also provides us with valuable evidence for all childrens speaking and listening skills.

This week, we look forward to hearing from George and Maia!

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