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Hi everyone. I hope you've had a chance to meet Miss Buck, our temporary teaching assistant who's doing a great job and has settled well into Class Egypt. We're getting things underway for the new term, but my apologies for not getting round to spelling checks last week. We'll get them checked this week and new ones sent out as soon as possible.

Our new home learning grid went home on Wednesday. I hope you've had a chance to look at it with your child and decided on some of the areas they would like to learn more about. In the class room I have a Home Leaning board, ready to celebrate the children's achievements, so as soon as they have something they would like to share, to encourage them to bring it in, we would love to share it! Please let me know what you think of it, and if it can be improved in any way. 

This week (4 days...INSET on Friday) is another busy one. We continue with our stories with predictable and patterned language, and this week the children are going to write their version of a story called Give Me My Yam. We're really enjoying this area of literacy, and if you look on the Star Achievers for Class Egypt, you'll see several children having fun dramatising 'The Enormous Turnip'!

In maths, our focus is on practicing our addition and subtraction skills - to 10, 20 and beyond, using our number pairs to 10 and doubles to help as we add. We're also learning about place value (tens and units) in numbers greater than 9.

We're really enjoying the Circus unit, and this week we'll be finding out about it's origins, practicing our balancing skills in P.E and finding out about all the different things needed for a travelling circus!





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