A new term with lots of red nose fun!

I hope you've had a lovely holiday, and are looking forward to the new term.

This term promises lighter mornings and evenings, and maybe a hint of Spring so hopefully more of our learning will be able to take place outdoors. This is just as well as we hope to be practicing our circus skills! 

This week we begin with our knowledge harvest - sharing what we already know about circuses and asking questions about waht we would like to find out. This links really well with our new Home Learning grid that we'll be sending home this week. In KS1 home learning is an important part of the children's overall development but I feel it needs to be carefully monitored so as not to cause overload! We're trying out an idea where your child chooses one task each week for the term. The tasks cover literacy and numeracy activities, but also tasks linked to the IPC unit. We'll also attach a copy to the Class Egypt blog, and do let me know what you think and how you're finding it. The Home Learning grid has all the necessary details on it, but do let me know if you have any questions.

In literacy this week, we will be starting a narrative unit that looks at stories with predictable and patterned language that also links with stories from other cultures. Our maths will link adding and counting to money, length and estimating. Our mental maths will focus on learning by heart pairs of numbers that make 10 and gaining a clear understanding of the language of maths - more/less, greater than, smaller than.

See you all tomorrow!

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