What makes that toy move?

After last weeks excitement with playground games from the past and learning about toys that were played with long (and not so long) ago, this week has more of a science look about it rather than historical.

We have had a great time exploring different materials and thinking of words to describe them. Apart from the obvious, hard, soft etc. the children have been introduced to opaque, trasparent, rigid, fragile amongst others. This will help us as we start our technology task next week where we design and make our own toy. Hopefully the children will be carefully considering the materials they're going to use. This week we will continue to explore materials, but also begin looking at moving toys and forces.

Our maths this week continues with addition, subtraction and division linked to money and weight. We are also looking forward to revisiting symmetry.

In our literacy, our story writing theme continues as we write an ending to a story - considering all the possible ways the story might finish. We hope to remember how to draw our readers in with interesting choice of words, and clearly presented and punctuated text.


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