Toys from the past

Hello everyone! I do hope you've enjoyed playing in the snow, and I'm looking forward to hearing all about your snowy adventures tomorrow!

Next week promises to be an exciting one, with a visit from Ann Taylor  - The Museum in the Park, Stroud, who will be coming to talk to the children about the history of toys and will be teaching us some playground games. We've borrowed a box of toys from the museum which we've had fun exploring over the last week. This has really helped us make comparisons between the toys children like to play with today and the ones played with in the past. A questionnaire will be sent home with the children helping them to learn more about the toys parents and grandparents played with as children.

Our literacy focus of story writing based on the work of Jane Hissey comes to an end this week as the children write their own stories in a similar style. I have been so impressed with the way they have added characters and changed the plot. The stories should be finished by the end of the week so pleas do come in and take a look at the children's work.

Maths continues to make links between calculation and measures as we explore time and weight this week. Days of the week, moths of the year, comparing the mass of objects and introducing the standard unit 1kg.

Science will be our focus during the afternoons where we'll be learning about materials. It would be a good opportunity, as the children play at home to get them to think about what material has been used to make their toy and why.




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