It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Phew, better late than never!! Just a brief one this week...

Costumes need to be in tomorrow if possible, any problems do pop in and see me. Rehearsals are going well and we'll hopefully be ready for our dress rehearsal next Monday.

Christmas is definitely coming and Class Egypt will be learning how to write a great set of instructions over the next few weeks. We are linking this with Christmas as we follow instructions to make decorations and other exciting things.

Maths for Class Egypt is data handling. We'll be learning about different ways of presenting information, from pictograms to block graphs.

IPC is all about Christmas, focussing on music, art and the artefacts that make Christmas a truly special celebration.

Oh, and don't forget the disco tomorrow night...I'm looking forward to watching those very individual dance moves only seen at the KS1 disco!



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