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Hi everyone. I've finally found a few minutes to attach some recent photos and add some extracts of the wonderful recounts we wrote last week. While I remember, Mrs. Johnson and I have been thinking of some ways you can support your child with some of the learning that's going on in the class and have some websites to suggest to you.

Firstly, recounts...

Maia wrote, 'On a frosty morning Class Egypt slipped their feet on the grass. Next we made some amazing bonfires. After that we had amazing cake. It was a yummy cake. Finally we walked back to the classroom.'

Great adjectives Maia.

Aled wrote, 'First we went to the top field. Then we went to make our bonfire. Then we made our bonfire. Finally we ate our cake.'

Super time connectives Aled.

Finally, Charlie wrote, 'We went to the top field. The field was wet, soggy and sunny. Then we chomped some cake. Finally we lined up.'

Lovely description Charlie, I particularly like 'chomped'!

Here are some photos from our bonfire celebration...

We made 'sparklers' with chocolate fingers and sprinkles...then wrote our name in the air before eating them!

Finally, some useful websites that will support the maths we've been doing. Try googling '100 square splat' (can't remember the website) and challenge your child to splat a number e.g 10 more than 20, 2 more than 96 etc. Also ICTgames is great for basic numeracy skills as well as BBCbitesize.

I'll post my proper blog at the weekend with some more ideas!

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