Get ready for Divali!

Hi everyone, I'm going to keep this brief as I've just written a great blog (even if I say so myself) for this week and it's disappeared when saving! I'm sure you can identify with the frustration!! So...

Firstly, thank you to all who came to the Big Breakfast. If you haven's seen the photos yet, do take a look, they really reflect the fun and buzz these mornings create.

Last weeks learning - great recounts from Class Egypt, a sample soon to be posted on the blog. We continued our work on division, focussing on the relationship between doubling and halving. We also learnt about the history and traditions surrounding Bonfire Night

Next week we will be having a focus on 'word' and 'sentence' work. Our focus will be using verbs in the past tense -ed endings; linking adjectives and nouns to make writing more interesting; using capital letters to start a sentence and full stops to end; and begin to use question marks appropriately.

Our maths links with this weeks celebration of 'Divali' (celebrated on 13 the November this year) We will be learning to classify and describe 2D and 3D shapes and relate them to pictures. We will be testing for lines of symmetry by folding shapes. Some children may learn to classify and describe an  increasing number of 2D and 3D shapes including different kinds of triangle.

Last week we began learning about our host country and we are currently researching facts about Egypt. I will post the children's questions early next week. If you are able to help your child research  these questions that would be great and you could post the answers on the blog.

The spellings seem to be working well, thank you for your support. Please could I ask that spelling sheets stay in the book bag every day? This is because if we have a busy end to the week e.g Children in Need, assessments etc. we will need to check your child's spellings earlier in the week. Many thanks. By the way, any keen spellers can also be working on spelling the days of the week and number names from zero to twenty.

Just to bring you up to date on our furry addition to Class Egypt mentioned in last week's blog. He is currently winging his way from Egypt (with a little help from!) but seems to be encountering delays. Hopefull he'll be arriving early this week.

Have a good week!

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