Sparks fly in Class Egypt!

Many thanks to all parents who walked with us to the church on Wednesday. I hope you'll agree that the Welcome Service is rather special and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Last week we began the unit on Celebrations with our launch day on Wednesday. We had great fun building bonfires, making pictures out of sticks, munching on bonfire cake and doing lots of firework craft activities. We gathered lots of the children's ideas together so that we know what the children already know and what they would like to learn about. More details as the term goes on. 

Our literacy is focusing on recounts at the moment. We are learning about the features of a good recount (past tense, 1st person, time connectives - first, next etc. drawing the reader in by making the piece exciting and lively) and learning how to write our own exciting recounts based on our launch day. Our aim is to put some of them on the blog by the end of the week, so watch this space.

This week, we will introduce a new member to our class (not a child, but a toy!) He will go home with the children on  a rota, just as Topo and Arana did in class Italy and Spain. The idea is that to begin with he will help the children with their recount writing. The toy will be sent home with a diary for the children to complete. The toy will be kept for a few days so that there's opportunity for different things to be written about. I will go first so that the children have an idea of what to do, but I'll also include a list of hints and tips for good recount writing on the inside cover. If your child would like to write all of the entry that's great, but if they need support and for you to scribe some of the writing that's ok too. What's important is that your child has discussed his/her ideas about what to write with you. Your suppport will be invaluable as you guide your child into making exciting word choices, asking them what connectives they could use etc.

In maths we have introduced division, or sharing. This has appealed to the children as the concept of  fairness is extremely important when you're 5 and 6! At the moment we are keeping the learning very practical, sharing counters between 2 or more people and beginning to record our answers. Next week we will be continuing with division, learning how we can share by grouping into sets.

Our IPC is well under way. Next week we will be continuing to learn about the celebration of bonfire night finding out about the reasons for the celebration. We will also be continuing with our firework dances, and for technology we will begin to learn about the products used in this celebration.(fireworks, sparklers, traditional bonfire food etc.)

I'll attach some photos at the start of the week of our bonfire launch so you can see the fun we had!



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