How many socks in 3 pairs?

Thank you to all parents for attending the parent's consultation evenings last week. As your child's class teacher, it's a great opportunity to talk about their achievements and their next steps. Please remember that I am always willing to update you on your child's progress between parent consultation evenings. 

Last week's focus on traditional stories proved what excellent story tellers we have in class Egypt. We really enjoyed working in groups to plan and tell the story and finally to perform it to the class. We will be continuing our focus on 'and' to connect phrases in a sentence and the inclusion of lively adjectives as we write our own version of Jack and the Beanstalk next week. 

In maths we began the early stages of multiplication - starting by grouping socks in 2's and counting a pile of 10p's in 10's. We looked at multiplication patterns on a number line and encouraged the children to predict what the next number in the pattern would be and whether they could spot a pattern within their choice of numbers. Next week we will be continuuing multiplication, looking at patterns when we count in 5's and 10's and trying out some problem solving activities applying our knowledge of counting in 2's and 10's.

Our IPC 'Light and Dark' focus comes to an end this week with a continuation of our light and dark musical compositions and responses to 'light' and 'dark' music.

We hope to send home details of the next unit by the end of the week. However, if it fails to materialise, I'll keep you posted on the blog as you may like to use half term to explore some of the areas of the unit with your child. It's called 'Celebrations' - fitting it well with a term full of religious and secular celebrations. 

Finally a plea for helpers on Friday afternoon. We are going down to St. Mary's church for our Harvest celebration. If you are able to walk with us we would greatly appreciate it. We will need at least 3 parents or grandparents. Many thanks...just pop in or give your child a note to let me know.


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